Nancy Jones | SEO Analyst

SEO For My Website – Can I Do It Myself?


Search engine optimization is a mystery to many, in fact I recently saw a video on YouTube showing someone interviewing people in a street on the subject. Most of the people interviewed had no clue on the subject. All but one, one older gentleman who said that he used to spend $15k a month on advertising, until he discovered SEO, he now spends no more cash on ads, and just ranks for the most prosperous keywords in his industry.

Now that is all great, but what can you do to improve your search rankings? First of all, you should be clear about what you are trying to achieve. A lot of my consultancy customers are very disillusioned on what they should try to rank for, a lot of them thinking only of very big keywords with over 500k monthly searches. Yeah that’d be great to rank for them, but let me be frank with you, unless you have a huge budget at hand, you are not going to get there with a little DIY SEO.

So what should my goals be? You say.

In my professional opinion you should look for “long key buyer keywords”, what that means is that you need to look for more detailed keywords to home in on your audience. Let me show you an example. Lets say you are a painter and live in Lexington, you can now try and rank for the keyword painter, but lets be honest, firstly that is an extremely competitive keyword, and secondly you would get people from all over the word check out your site, when you cant really take on clients outside your state.
So what you do is instead is try to rank for longer key keywords such as: painter Lexington, cheap painter Lexington, house painter Lexington.
Not only do you now get business from the area but also are these people that are looking to hire someone right now. Great right?

seo-valueKeyword optimization, I would highly suggest that you include the keywords that you want to go for on your website, with some unique content. What does that mean? Well most of the search engines will penalize you if you copy someone else’s content, so its always better to write your own or hire someone to write this for you!
I always suggest to people to try and have at least a total of 3k words of unique content on their site, as that will make the site look a lot better to the search engines crawler bot.

If you don’t have time to do your own SEO because you are just too busy, then I suggest you hire an independent consultant such as myself. We are under a lot more pressure to perform than the big seo marketing companies who are quite happy to just forget about you. A freelance consultant or analyst will do everything they can to get you a result, because remember that the more success you have with your website the bigger your marketing budget to hire someone like myself!

I really hope that you have enjoyed this brief introduction to how SEO works and how much of it you can do yourself straight away. I also hope to see you here again really soon as I am planning to write a lot more for my blog to teach you everything that I know!

One of the next subjects will be how to rank your website using social media and seo in conjuction, its a method I have been working on for a while and am really excited to tell you about!